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Anna's Blog > What does my therapist know about relationships?

29 Jul 2008

Ricky is still irritating me.  It seems like such stupid, petty stuff.  Why can't I just overlook it and focus on the good things?  Does it mean I shouldn't be with him?  Or can I just change my head and fix this?  I started wondering about my therapist's perspective--is she in a relationship?  Is it with a man, or woman, if she is?  Does she have fights? Irritations?  How does she handle this stuff?  Or is she with the person of her dreams who never irritates her.  Or maybe she's just got her head screwed on straight and she doesn't let herself get irritated--just grateful?  Or maybe she's only been in a relationship a short time, and doesn't know about longer-term issues?  Or maybe she's been in a relationship for a million years and they don't talk to each other--they just co-exist?  Or maybe he/she irritates the hell out of her and when I tell her about Ricky, she wonders how she can help me because she's got the same issue?  Or maybe she's single, and maybe she's always been single and knows nothing about relationships--except what her clients and books tell her?  Or maybe she had love once and lost it and is totally bitter about love?  Jeez, how can I talk to her about all this painful stuff, when I don't know what she know?  She always seems to know more than I do when I talk to her about anything, but what if she's just bullshitting--making it up as she speaks?  She certainly looks old enough to have had relationships--OMG maybe her partner died, and she's sad and jealous every time I talk about Ricky!  I wonder how old she is.  Is she old enough to have a partner who died?  I can't, can't, can't ask her all this, and I doubt if she'd tell me anyway--what am I going to do?



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