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16 Jul 2008

Wow, I started feeling better just in time to plunge into a huge work project--I've been working 7 days a week!  Plearn's been getting tons of business from queer people getting married, since it's been declared legal, so I've been scouring the country for all sorts of suits and tuxes in short sizes and wedding gowns in tall, broad sizes, including one tiny kilt (had to order from the UK) and a couple other traditional outfits of other cultures (one African and one Indian).  I had to take an incomplete in my Chemical Dependency class last semester because I was just too depressed to deal with it, but I'll take it again in the Fall.  Hopefully the weddings will slow down by then.  So Plearn said I could take this weekend off, and I decided to take some of the extra money I've been earning and take Ricki to Harbin Hot Springs this weekend!  We're very excited.  If I can't come there, I'll know there's something really wrong!  The only thing is that my therapist is taking a few days off, and I had the thought--what if she's going to Harbin too?  OMG I don't think I could handle being naked in front of my therapist and seeing my therapist naked!!  What would I even do if she were there?  Would I have to leave?  Hide?  How?  Would she leave?  I'd feel terrible if she left because of me!  I don't even know if I'm supposed to talk to her or not talk to her if I see her outside the office, much less what the rules are for running into each other naked outside the office!!  It's not like we could just sit down and have a therapy session right there to figure out what to do--I'd be on my own to try to figure it out.  I guess I could talk to her about it when I see her this week, but I don't know if I can talk about it even in the abstract.  I can't not go, though--I really, really want to go.



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