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Do you know any women who seem to be suffering emotionally--having a hard time in relationships, or work?  Are you concerned about any women who lost someone or something dear to her, who apologizes excessively, who tries to please or take care of everyone, who doesn't smile or enjoy life like she used to, who bursts into tears frequently, or who seems overwhelmed all the time?

Maybe you know women who are trying to figure out who they are or want to be.  If you know someone you think would benefit from this site--please pass it on, so as many women as possible can get help to make their lives easier, calmer, and more satisfying.

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Email: CynthiaLubow@yahoo.com 

 Cynthia W. Lubow, MFT

 For 30+ years, compassionately helping people build self-confidence and feel happier.

 San Francisco East Bay Area Therapist

I can work with anyone who lives in California through Skype

Including San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, San Diego, Ukiah, Marin...